Things to see & do

A tropical paradise that promises something for everyone.

Beautiful North Straddie Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach, bush walking along the various tracks, surfing the perfect wave or setting sail into the sunset, Point Lookout at North Stradbroke Island has plenty of activities to keep you busy.

First stop off the ferry is Dunwich. For anyone with a ghostly interest in the past, take a look at Dunwich cemetery and the Dunwich Museum. It is Queensland’s second oldest cemetery with graves dating from 1847 and it overlooks Moreton Bay.

Visit Queenslands most easterly point, Point Lookout. The nearby North Gorge walk is a spectacular experience. The walk starts from across the road from the shops in Mooloomba Road or adjacent to the bus turn around at Point Lookout. The path around the main Point Lookout cliffs has steps and the walk is not suitable for wheelchairs, strollers etc. It takes about 30 minutes.

Whales, Dolphins, Manta Ray, Sharks, Turtles and more…

Whales can be clearly seen from our resort. During the months June – October, humpback whales are common place out at sea and land based whale watching is best from the headlands of Frenchmans, Deadmans and Cyclinder Beach and Pandanus Palms Resort. At any time of the year, the sea at Point Lookout is home to dolphins, manta ray, sharks and turtles which are best viewed while walking the North Gorge.

Stunning lakes of North Stradbroke:

There are two stunning lakes on NorthStradbroke – Brown Lake and Blue Lake.

Brown Lake - a short drive to this beautiful fresh water lake

Brown Lake is 4 km east of Dunwich. It can be reached via a short (1.2km) loose, corrugated, gravel road that conventional cars can use. Brown Lake is perfect for swimming and the water is coloured by the tanin from the Tea Tree around the shore. Located at Brown Lake are picnic tables and a toilet block.

Blue Lake is in Blue Lake National Park. It is 4km further down the bitumen road from Brown Lake. Vehicles must be left in the car park at the entrance and there is a 4.8km round trip walking track. The sandy track means that it is not suitable for wheelchairs and strollers and it should take at least 40 minutes to reach the lake.

Sun, sand and surf

Just some of the exciting activities on offer include 4WD safaris, a golf course, ropes course, scuba diving, snorkelling, learn to surf, fishing charter, bay & island boat trip, sand boarding, and sea kayaking tours. There is truly something for everyone on Straddie. The abundance of wildlife on the island is also impressive, with whales seen from your balcony (June to November), dolphins, turtles and manta rays often spotted from the spectacular North Gorge walk. Birdwatching is also popular, with many of the inland waterways attracting migratory species each year. Kangaroos lie lazily in the sun or graze in the park and birds are in abundance right here at Pandanus Palms Resort.

Main Beach - spectaular surf beach. For those less adventurous, Straddie offers beautiful pristine beaches such as the gorgeous Cylinder Beach at Point Lookout. Main Beach is the premier surf beach and this is where Bede Durbidge grew up surfing this famous break and returns regularly for a visit.

Dawn and dusk on the island are incredibly spectacular. It is one of the few places on the east coast where you can see the sun rise and set over water. Inspiring wonderment, awe, and even romance, they make a perfect beginning and end to every day spent with us at Pandanus Palms Holiday Resort.